Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Agent Provocateur tease

Agent Provocateur ballet-boot wannabes

Agent Provocateur: Brit-chicks go kinky, but it’s only a tease. Sigh! The Agent Provocateur girls are not in ballet boots! It is a huge disappointment to the fetish community that AP pulled its punches and decided not to have the girls wear real ballet boots! The fetish world from which AP derives so much of its fashion inspiration feels, well, almost betrayed. Surely it wouldn’t have been that difficult to do the shoot with the girls in real ballet boots with the girl’s sur les pointes. It would have had so much more edge and immediacy to it. As it is, anyone who knows anything about fetishes, which the girls are supposed to be into, knows there wasn’t enough talent in the shoot to have them on their toes. I think it ruins the whole thing!

I’m wearing a Prentif cap: I'm CD19 today and have switched back to one of my new 25 mm Prentif cervical caps to wear for a few days. And, I'm rather enjoying it! It feels different from Oves in several ways. I can feel the suction more and my partners can more easily bump the dome which the more modestly endowed guys like. I think wearing a Prentif so a partner can ram the soft rubber dome makes a guy feel larger - and more confident about himself - when he can reach his partner's cervix...I can tell that my guys seem to swagger a bit more after they have bumped my cervix regardless of which cap I have sucking on it. With the Prentif dome they think they are bigger, not that I'm wearing a different barrier, so my cervix is easier to reach. I let them enjoy the fantasy.

Executive owner on premises: I'm on duty tonight and wearing my casino Director’s uniform; black Wolford Fatal fifteen tights, black leather Freed Classic pointes with Forteflex shanks and a black front closure compression cup sports top with a gold barrette holding my hair in a high pt. In addition to Prentif tonight I’m also wearing a Penetrator plug. I’m plugged – because I’m on duty. Everyone likes to cop a feel, and the firm warm convex shape of the plug head they feel through the sheer black seamless crotch of my Wolfords, lets them know I'm not available. It saves me telling the guys to stop fingering my crotch. The only problem of the night so far has been with a high roller who was angry when the bar staff in Naughty’s cut him off because he was becoming aggressive and we wouldn’t serve him anything but coffee. He rushed the stage and threw a glass of ice at a dancer who was unharmed. He then staggered backwards and managed to fall off the stage and break his collarbone and arm. Fortunately the security cams picked up the whole thing and no employee or entertainer touched him during his attack nor was anywhere near him when he fell off the stage. So we are good on that one.

Too tight: A new escort trainee and I had an accident earlier today. He isn’t all that long, about 7 inches, but at 2 ½ inches in diameter he is awesomely thick! We were working with him taking me from behind while I was bent over holding on to the barre en pointe in another pair of my signature black leather Freed Classics with Forteflex shanks. I had warned him to be careful in that position when thrusting into me because he is so thick and I'm so tight with my vaginal muscles clenched that even when well lubed two men have already torn in me. Both guys were near orgasm and didn't want to stop and both were circumcised so that could have made a difference. Anyway, he got his rhythm going well and we were building to orgasm when he caressed my sweet-spot and tipped me over the edge into a vaginal orgasm. My contractions were just enough to cause him to tear and he continued thrusting for several strokes before he realized something was wrong and withdrew. He was bleeding badly even after we used a coagulating cream and ice. He was rushed to the ER and sewn up but will need plastic surgery and be out of action for at least six weeks and will need physical therapy. I think he may need counseling as well because he kept mumbling, “I don’t believe she did that to me!”

Ballerina birth control before the pill - Part II: In my post for October 12, 2009 entitled ‘Ballerina birth control before the pill’ where I covered European dancer’s use of the Prentif cap I neglected to mention that Prentif first became available in 1930. The Arcing spring rim diaphragm – the ubiquitous Ortho All-Flex is a modern example – was developed in Germany in 1929 but never became as popular as the cap in Europe, perhaps because the cap was smaller and could be worn for longer intervals; 48 hours for the cap vs. 24 hours for the diaphragm. Whatever the reason caps became the cervical barrier of choice for most European ballet dancers. In the U.S. cervical barriers were illegal until the late 1930s and so supplies (primarily diaphragms) were smuggled into the country from Europe. One of the unmentioned reasons that women in the few North American ballet companies wanted to tour Europe was so that they could be fitted with the Prentif cap and buy several spare caps to bring back to the U.S. with them. Only in the mid 1940s did diaphragms become generally available in the U.S. after laws were passed to assure that they were available only by prescription through doctors. After that diaphragms became the predominant cervical barrier in the U.S. Only in 1988 was Prentif approved by the FDA for sale in America and the cap finally became legally available. Even so the European ballet dancers working in the U.S. from the 1930s on wore Prentif caps which they had brought with them and there was a lot of money made illegally fitting and supplying Prentif caps for American dancers.


  1. I didn't have much time yesterday to read this post, so I didn't get into much detail. I saw this post about Agent Provocateur. Is this a fetish performance act out there in Vegas? You have more information on these girls? The picture doesn't tell much.

  2. Hi Eric… Agent Provocateur is a business in London, in the UK, specializing in kinky lingerie. Their website is: I don’t think links will work when posted in comments so you can cut and paste this one or Google “Agent Provocateur” My whole problem with the pic is that the models weren’t wearing ballet boots, just platform stilettos. AP is flush enough that they could have gotten talent who could pose in ballet boots and it would have enhanced their rep… as it is I thought it looked a bit wimpy. Sigh!


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