Monday, October 26, 2009

Orgasm as a guilt reduction technique

Ortho All-Flex arcing spring rim diaphragms – a St. Lucy’s girls first gas guard

Girls, gas guards and Guilt: One of the things we concentrate on when a new student arrives at St Lucy’s is to have her fully embrace her femininity in the form of estrogen based sexuality. Depending on their backgrounds some women take longer to embrace their sexuality than others. The physical embodiment of control over their fertility and enjoyment of their new found sexuality is the contraceptive diaphragm known to most of the more senior students as a ‘gas guard’ that protects them from infection and embolisms during dive-sex.

One of the first things that happens when a new girl who has reached menarche enters St Lucy’s is she is fitted for a gas guard. Because most new students are sexually inexperienced their pelvic musculature may not support use of a Semina diaphragm, the standard transparent pink silicone rubber barrier known to all upper-class students as a Barbie Barrier, because of its softer coil spring rim which requires well toned vaginal muscles. So, new students or students just reaching menarche are fitted with an Ortho All-Flex arcing spring diaphragm as their first gas guard because it has a much stiffer rim which can be safely worn by women with poor vaginal muscle tone. Another feature of the All-Flex is that when the rim is compressed it forms a crescent which is easier to insert correctly. The student then is taught to use her new gas guard correctly along with lessons on the Fertility Awareness method of birth control. Not that we expect the students to seriously practice fertility awareness, but being able to tell by the changes in the position of their cervix and cervical fluids when they are fertile is a big help in knowing when they are fertile and it’s necessary to use an effective form of birth control. The girls are taught to rely on their diaphragms or the “rubber wall” as it’s know by their male partners for safety and birth control during one of the most intense interdisciplinary courses offered at St Lucy’s, dive-sex.

It’s surprising how much guilt some students bring with them about their ripening bodies and hormone driven desires. We tell them that all women go through a time of uncertainty while searching for sexual enlightenment on their way from adolescence to womanhood. And we gently guide them through their first experiences to show them that it is a wonderful time of learning for a young woman. Teaching them to use the power their ripening bodies give them over men by clouding men’s minds with desire is as empowering for their teachers as it is for the students. Watching a talented girl bend even the strongest man’s will by offering or withholding the delights of her body is an eye opening reminder to us all of the power of male lust over common sense. It can take a semester and for a few even a year to purge the guilt from some students minds. Eventually repeated exposure to the censing power of the female orgasm, which purifies a woman’s soul during the most intimate act of human reproduction, will purge guilt from even the most repressed students.

Once guilt has been eliminated we will allow a student to add lessons in some of the school fetish specialties; ballet boots, latex encasement, asphyxia (gasmasks & rebreather bags) and binding among others along with their academic workload, as long as they keep at least a B+ average with their academic subjects. You would be amazed the effect the threat of withdrawing fetish lesson privileges has on a student’s incentive to excel in her academics.

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