Monday, October 19, 2009

Lesbians, ballet boots and H1N1

Dive-sex foreplay - the all girl version.

Men’s fascination with lesbians: Men seem to have an unquenchable fascination with Sappho’s sisters. Perhaps it’s because they appear exotic, being able to make love to one another w/o fear of pregnancy and the possible complication of abortion as the result of recreational sex. Or perhaps it’s just watching two beautiful women sucking each other’s breasts and finger-fucking each other. Having vagina’s immensely simplifies the sanitary requirements for penetrative sex, but the fact that lesbians can’t produce erections can, I would think, be a mixed blessing depending which way their minds are going at the moment. Being an almost pure heterosexual I’ve never been able to get much pleasure from the use of a strap-on because if not used correctly it can rupture a partner’s uterus by ramming her cervix too hard. But then I never have a shortage of penis. Taryn says I must subscribe to ‘erection-on-demand’, but it’s just that I’m very popular and come to that so is she. We both seem to be continually draining coital discharge no matter how much we Kegel out. Though, if push comes to shove I can have an absolutely marvelous time soloing with a dildo!

Wiring: Sometimes I think lesbians miss all the fun. The scents and tastes of a lusty male; his testosterone ladened salty sweat, the spicy taste of his thick ropy sperm packed semen sliding down my throat or ice cold as it splatters on my belly after spewing at body temperature out of his tip. How can fluid cool that fast? The scent and tangy taste of his toe cheese when I’m sucking his toes after he’s been on his feet all day. The sandpaper stubble of his beard against my breast as he takes me during a nooner, and the fact that he never puts the seat down after her pees… What’s not to love about all that? But we all have our preferences and it all has to do with the way we’re wired. If a girl wants to make love night after night with just fingers or a dildo in her belly, who am I to say she’s missing out?

Ballet boots and lesbians: A reader asked if I think ballet boots are particular faves of Sappho’s sisters. I don’t think sexual orientation has much to do with ballet boots. Though from what I’ve seen women are far more likely to wear ballet heels, are better at it and are able to withstand the pain of wearing them much better than most men. In my experience what matters is whether the person is a sadist who enjoys watching a partner of any sex in pain while wearing ballet heels or a masochist enjoying the pain of wearing ballet heels him or herself and has relatively little to do with whatever sexual orientation s/he might have. I’ve met some butch lesbian Dungeon Masters but I don’t think the quantity is out of proportion to their numbers in society in general. I will say that in my experience butch lesbians are more interested in ballet heels for the power wearing them correctly and confidently conveys, to women they want to impress, while submissive lesbian masochists enjoy ballet heels for their punitive value. If anyone has a different experience with ballet boots and sexual orientation and would like to comment please leave me a comment or you can email me at the address in my profile.

H1N1 flu and entertainers: Our clinic has begun inoculation of all casino performers, escorts and wait-staff against H1N1 with the new nasal mist. Recent analysis has shown that H1N1 seems to target and is particularly virulent in young women. While the reasons aren’t fully understood it’s thought it may have to do with the fact that even slim women have a higher percentage of our weight in fat (think breasts and hips) and the virus seems to be attracted to fat cells. Another thing is that once infected by H1N1 an otherwise healthy woman is far more likely to contract a virulent type of viral pneumonia which is difficult to treat. All this makes it imperative that every female performer and escort be given the vaccine immediately because they entertain customers and clients from all over the world. Women refusing the vaccine are dismissed unless they have a very good reason as explained in a waiver from a casino physician. Unvaccinated women with a waiver will be relocated to jobs where they will not come in contact with customers and clients. We have fired two girls on the wait-staff who refused w/o a doctor’s waiver, and the union is supportive. There have been no medical waivers so far.


  1. RE: H1N1: I'm waiting for my doctor's office to get both the H1N1 and seasonal flu vaccines so I can get innoculated for both.

  2. I hope you will get either or both as soon as you can. I don't know if you would be charged for two visits, but keep in mind that it takes three weeks or so after the injection for your body to build up immunity to the flu. In my opinion, for people who are at high risk if they can get the seasonal flu vaccine now they should do it and not wait.

  3. Well, there's been a shortage of the seasonal vaccine, and the H1N1 vaccine hasn't been produced fast enough for the demand. The CDC had said you can get both at the same time, too, so I only have to go once.


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