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Body condoms and latex allergies

A transparent latex catsuit, a ‘body condom’

Latex and Fall fashion: Now that the weather’s turning here and it’s in the 50s and 60s at night latex is being worn to fetish venues by more women. Among the things St Lucy’s girls are tested for at Student Health when they first arrive are latex and copper/nickel allergies; the latex for condoms and fetishwear and copper/nickel for an IUD. It’s thought that the percentage of the general population that may have some form of latex allergy could be as high as 8%. The percentage of women allergic to copper or nickel is far less than 1% but St Lucy’s tests because implanting a GyneFix (copper) frameless IUD is very common among the students and it’s a good idea to be certain before that is done. A St Lucy’s girl with a latex allergy has other choices of fetishwear such as leather, PVC or Lycra Zentai but having to avoid latex fetishwear can be a real hardship if she is hoping to be asked to join one of the schools more exclusive clubs. Halloween is coming up and that’s a wonderful opportunity for even the most timid among us with a fetishwear fantasy to indulge it w/o making anyone the least bit suspicious.

The Pros and Cons of body condoms: Gepetto is offering his version of the custom fitted body condom, a transparent latex catsuit, as an addition to his line of latex bodywear and it is available locally in limited quantities just in time for Halloween. There are other makers of course, but Gepetto’s is a full .5mm thick with welded seams which gives it the ability to withstand the sorts of snags that often lead to tears and splits in lesser quality garments while the transparency remains crystal clear. My friends and I all have our own molds so it was just a matter of extruding several for each of us. The market for body condoms seems to be primarily from Slave masters who want maximum exposure while their submissives are totally encased, a few up-market escorts who buy their own wardrobe, a few professional dancers; Anya, Shelly, Marie-Claude (a 22 y/o POB dancer who Tanaquil sent over) and me and a handful of worthy St Lucy’s students, like Taryn and Cyndi.

Wearing a body condom can be a fun experience if a girl is into the delights of latex and is something of a masochist. The feel, smell, constriction and sweating in the rubber skin encasing you is exquisite and it shows off beautiful bodies marvelously! However, there are some plusses and minuses to wearing one. Depending on ones point of view most of the positives can also be negatives.

The fit and stretching: The fit of a custom body condom is excellent. That said the .5mm latex membrane will only give so much. It can pinch a girl severely when she is crouching; see how it is cutting into the right thigh of the girl in the image accompanying this entry. Women who are masochists are at a considerable advainage if they actually are working while wearing a body condom and pointes or ballet boots. The latex over the nipples is so soft and stretchy that nipples can be easily stimulated and erect nipples stick out beautifully where they can be twisted by a boy or girlfriend

Crotch zipper: On Gepetto’s designs the zippers are waterproof. This allows the wearer to sit on upholstered furniture or lie on bedding w/o having to worry about staining it with her and her partner’s fluids. Waterproof zippers also mean all the fluids will eventually drain on to the wearer’s shoes or into her boots. The zippers are one of the weak areas of this sort of very thin suit so the edges on Gepetto’s have been welded to ensure the areas of greatest stress don’t tear. The zipper is double ended so the crotch can be opened while the back remains totally sealed which allows accessorizing for Halloween by wearing a vaginal hook attached to a halter, corset or leash.

Transparency: With transparent suits sweat and body fluids can be seen that are normally hidden under colored, usually black, latex. Fluid streaks can be airbrushed out of images after a photoshoot but in real life the sweat trickles between the wearer’s breasts and buns and pools in the crotch along with coitial discharge. That can be a huge turn-on for some wearers and their admirers. If a chick isn’t comfortable showing that much she shouldn’t wear a body condom. On the other hand, from a masters’ perspective having a Sub humiliated by being seen marinating in her own body fluids can be marvelous psychological as well as physical torture.

Corsets: A tightly laced corset is the perfect accessory to cinch the waist and emphasize the bust of small breasted girls in body condoms. A tightly laced corset can also make it hard to breathe and the suit seem much hotter.

Boots and shoes: A latex catsuit can be worn with pointe shoes or ballet boots. Wearing pointes takes far more skill and strength but it gives the wearer greater flexibility. Ballet boots can be worn by amateurs as well as professionals and are a bit kinkier, but for the untrained can be nearly as dangerous and painful to wear as pointes if she isn’t very careful. If the wearer is going to be in the suit for more than thirty minutes and will be wearing pointe shoes she should wear Gaynors. That’s because her sweat and other fluids will drain down the legs of her suit and into her shoes. If she wears conventionally made pointes with shanks and toe boxes of paste, paper and cloth the shanks and boxes will soften in a few minutes to the extent that she will have very little support for her toes. Gaynor Minden polymer boxes and shanks can withstand being soaked internally for a lot longer before they start coming unglued.

Girls wearing ballet boots with their body condoms will have the fluids from their suits drain into the blocks of their boots and if they are wearing a cheap pair the toe boxes will soften and melt just like they do in traditionally made pointe shoes. That’s why women wearing Gepetto’s body condoms also wear his Pleasure boots with titanium shanks, blocks and heels. At $475 each a Gepetto’s body condom isn’t cheap but it is a garment that should last for a long time if taken care of unlike other maker’s transparent latex catsuits which from the frequency with which they tear should be considered a single-use disposable item.


  1. You mentioned the "body condom" suit has a zipper. I was looking through the description to see if it lined your intimate area to help prevent the transmission of STDs (though you don't worry much about that with your screening processes, but you can't be too careful) or prevention of pregnancy (which you use an Oves or diaphram for that), and I didn't see anything about that. I also do wonder if there is a male version of that suit which does cover the penis, which I think might be fun to use with a similarly-dressed woman.

  2. Hi Eric. Nothing in the design of the body condom, or any other fetish garment that I’m aware of, provides any protection against STIs. Body condoms are designed to provide the couple with a garment that enhances the woman’s sexual allure for an encounter leaving contraception and STI protection (if any) to the user’s discretion. Once the crotch zipper is open the wearer’s genitals are totally accessible, assuming she isn’t wearing a Penetrator plug or similar vulvar shield. The only device that provides meaningful STI protection that the woman herself could wear is a polyurethane female condom the outer ring of which can be easily seen on either side of the zipper through the transparent latex. Acceptance tests with models with female condoms inserted compared to models wearing no FC or who are smoothly plugged with a Penetrator show that displaying the outer ring of an FC through the crotch of a body condom is a considerable turn-off for men.

    When they were asked why, most said it gave the impression that the woman was trolling for sex and was showing that she was prepared. Men still want to be seen as taking the initiative in an encounter and the visibility of the FC destroys that illusion. If there is any possibility that a partner could blow into her vagina during oral or use compressed gas then the girl should wear a diaphragm or cap as a gas guard, for overpressure protection. I’m not aware of any body condom that is made to fit men, but there may be a maker out there somewhere.

  3. SimonO and HW Designs in Austria produce a total enclosure suit with anal, vaginal and a mouth condom. It would seen that they would not remain in place. A diaphragm could be worked into a custom sized vaginal condom to hold it in place presumably, but get the fit would be quite the challenge.

    So hold the vaginal condom and the anal condom is seems to be a problem and make them somewhat inelegant

    There are also false latex molded vagina.. over sized bloated labia which can be fitted into latex panties or a TE suit. These can be penetrated as well.

  4. I've shown and discussed the merits of HW Designs total enclosure suits elsewhere on this blog. You are correct. The anal and vaginal condoms don't stay in place! Sigh! And, yes a diaphragm rim-like ring could be added to the vaginal condom to fit behind the pubic bone and hold it in place. 'Inelegant' doesn't begin to cover the anal condom!

    I've never understood the attraction of a molded latex vagina... and I've never had any man I’ve asked adequately explain it to me – except possibly being worn by a TV so s/he could be ‘penetrated’ from the front by a partner.

  5. Hard to explain, except that for a rubber fetishist in the "extreme" he may way his female not only completely encased in latex, but express every part of her form in latex. This is seen in some molded breast cups which actually feature a tip to encase the nipple and opposed to a regular cup which forces it into the smooth curve of the breast. A breast without nipples would look very odd... wouldn't it?

    So some rubberists basically want a real live enclosed facsimile of a female...vagina and all. And it's a contradiction in cover up to expose it thus, much the way transparent latex is.

    Many rubberists don't care for zips either and prefer access slits or strategic openings to get at the real girl fun spots.



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